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We protect the rights and interests in litigations. We accompany alternative dispute resolutions and settle the agreements amicably. We ensure enforcement of judicial awards and amicable agreements.

Judicial representation
  • Protection of rights and interests in litigations (civil, commercial, criminal, administrative)
  • Representation of interests at all stages of litigation and in all judicial instances
  • Legal support  in international commercial arbitration and arbitration courts
  • Protection of human rights and freedoms in the European Court of Human Rights
  • Ensuring enforcement of judgments


Extrajudicial settlement of disputes
  • Alternative dispute resolution (mediation)
  • Preparation and support of negotiations between dispute parties
  • Planning and organization of the process of peaceful settlement of disputes
  • Development and implementation of agreements
  • Preventing unwanted lawsuits
Representation of interests in public authorities
  • Implementation of effective legal contacts with public authorities
  • Legal support of procedures for interaction with government representatives
  • Preparation of legal documents for submission to public authorities
  • Organization of negotiations with representatives of authorities
  • Development of draft normative legal acts
Support of economic activities
  • Development of legal strategies for the organization and reorganization of economic activities
  • Support  of  agreementsand contractual relations
  • Corporate relations
  • Support of foreign economic activities
Preparation of effective legal documents
  • Agreements, foreign economic contracts, memoranda
  • Procedural documents (statements of claim, appeal and cassation complaints, responses to claims and complaints, petitions etc.)
  • Statements, appeals, requests, etc.
  • Statutory documents, minutes, orders, instructions
Legal analysis
  • Preparation of scientific and legal opinion with the participation of leading experts in the field of legal science and practice
  • Legal audit of economic activity
  • Scientific and practical comments on legislation
  • Analysis of legal risks and potential opportunities
Protection of rights in the field of innovation, investment, information and intellectual property (4XI)
  • Complex legal support of innovation activities
  • Effective legal models for supporting investment activities
  • Legal protection of information
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
Stage and order of problem solving
1 Defining tasks and setting goals
  • Meeting with partners of KAIROS for clarifying the circumstances of the case
  • Formation of the team of specialists and experts for analysis and solving problem
  • Preliminary analysis of situation
  • Assessment of opportunities
  • Verification of tasks and objectives
Signing the memorandum of cooperation
2 Development of a strategy and a plan
  • Searching for possible ways of solving problems
  • Assessment of risks and potential threats
  • Choosing the best strategy and developing an action plan
  • Preparation of a scientific and legal opinion
  • Cost estimation of implementation of plan
Signing the contract about the provision of legal assistance
3 Plan implementation and problem solving
  • Implementation of the necessary legal actions
  • Formation of necessary legal documents
  • Activation of legal mechanisms to influence on the situation
Finishing the project part and celebrating the success together
Forms of cooperation

Choose the best variant that is suitable for your purposes:

Project implementation

Аchievement of results within the defined goals and objectives

Subscriber service

24/7 legal assistance and protection of your interests

Hourly service

Consultations and legal support in the hourly rate format

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